While special fabrics such as hologram and mystique are very eye catching, these fabrics may dull with wearand repeated washings. Areas such as under the arms, the seat and the abdomen, or those areas that incur abrasion, may show some loss of shine or special effects.

Use the following washing instructions for metallic fabrics such as hologram and mystique or leotards decorated with rhinestones:

1. All leotards must be turned inside out prior to washing.

2. Machine wash in cold water using a gentle cycle or hand wash the leotard in a sink full of cold water. 

3. Use a small amount of table salt in the cold water to clean and sanitize the leotard. This also helps keep the fabric colors from running. 

4. Remove the leotard immediately, do not let it soak. Lay leotard on a towel and roll up to remove excess water then either tumble dry on a low heat setting or hang to dry.

5. DO NOT use bleach, detergents or fabric conditioner. Do not rub fabric together. DO NOT leave folded when wet. DO NOT lay flat to dry.

If your garment contains sensitive colour combinations i.e. both dark and light colours, always wash in a large volume of water to prevent colour bleeding. Remove IMMEDIATELY after washing and tumble dry on a low heat setting or hang to dry.

All our leotards are made from special and delicate fabrics and should be cared for accordingly. With propercare your leotard will look great for a long time!